SSRC provides individualized approaches to the research and evaluation challenges of organizations, universities and students. Years of experience have provided us with expertise to assess, propose and implement solutions for a range of organizational and individual clients. Below is a representative sample of feedback we have received from clients.


TerriDr. Jennings has clearly been an asset to my program, both from the perspective of the insights she has brought in terms of behavior change as well as for the primary role that she has contributed to my efforts as biostatistician.
University of Miami Researcher
DeanneI really enjoyed your liveliness, flexibility, grass-root-closeness, and creative ways of approaching the whole thing [research project to determine why intervention was not successful].
Program Manager,
Danish Refugee Council
TerriI have known Dr. Jennings professionally since 2003 and have never been disappointed at the clarity of her statistical analyses and presentation. If you have a mound of data, and have no idea where to begin to make sense of it, Dr. Jennings is the perfect person to assist you in deciphering the numbers and turning them into a manageable and useful set of information. Whether you need assistance analyzing a large data set or a small number of cases, Dr. Jennings will help in producing simple descriptive analysis or other sophisticated and comparative analyses that will serve to summarize large sets of information or provide insights needed for decision-making. In addition to her skill in data analysis, Dr. Jennings is a highly committed and patient instructor. For any statistical need, I highly recommend Dr. Jennings!
Research Associate Professor,
Florida International University
DeanneIt has been my pleasure to know and work with Dr. Deanne Samuels for almost 11 years as a colleague, collaborator, and friend. I am always surprised at the depth of her knowledge and breadth of her skill. Add to these characteristics an incredible sense of purpose and focus, as well as great integrity and you could not find a better person to assist you with any research project. Whether you are looking for a quick editing or an in-depth analysis of your data, Dr. Samuels brings years of experience in project design, data gathering, quality control, monitoring and evaluation, analysis, and report writing. If you are looking for honest, clear, and thorough assistance I highly recommend her!
Research Associate Professor,
Florida International University
DeanneDr. Samuels has extensive experience in developing and conducting program evaluations, using the data to develop and modify interventions, and in training front-line workers to implement these interventions effectively. I have always had the utmost confidence in working with her on a research project, knowing that she will complete it thoroughly, and with excellence, in a timely manner.
Research Assistant Professor,
Florida International University


TerriShe has the attributes of a true educator. Other than having a vast knowledge in the area of statistical analyses, she also has the skills to coach her students on proper skills for writing up publications for peer reviewed journals and preparing presentations for academic conferences. She is experienced and knowledgeable in the area of research and scientific writing.
(currently University Professor)
DeanneI was looking for an editor to just provide grammatical and structural feedback. My friend recommended Deanne. However, what I received from Deanne was way more than that. She analyzed my writing and my research. Her initial meticulous response to what I thought was a good draft dissertation proposal floored me to the point I had to step back and re-evaluate my entire process. I even second guessed my decision to work with her. I took her critical yet essential recommendations personally, but after careful self-reflection, I looked into her suggestions. The end result was a great dissertation proposal [that was approved by my Dissertation Chair]. She's definitely an expert in writing and research.
Dissertation Student
DeanneThank you again for your support throughout this [dissertation] process; you played a significant role in my accomplishing this very important goal.
Dissertation Student


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