Graduate Students

Dr. Jennings provides specifically tailored guidance and support in statistical analysis to students. She has developed systems/procedures to alleviate the fear with which many students approach statistics, demystifying analytical processes, and enhancing the confidence with which students approach statistics. One of Dr. Jennings’ many strengths is her ability to take complex concepts, explain them, and guide students through the thesis/dissertation process enabling them to master the skills needed to conduct their analyses, and to understand and interpret the findings.

In addition to editing and coaching support, Dr. Samuels also offers group and individual on-site and distance workshops for development of concept papers, proposals, and final dissertations. This unique feature of SSRC allows the student to commit one or two days of intensive writing and feedback, allowing students to make significant progress in achieving benchmarks.

Please note: we assist graduate students only on master’s thesis and dissertation work. We do not provide assistance on class assignments.

Services provided:

Online Dissertation Writing Workshop

When: TBD – to help jump start students who might be stuck.

Who will benefit: Any doctoral students, ABD (all but dissertation) or taking courses, who are not making sufficient progress in writing their dissertation.

Time: 8am – 8pm EST. Students can drop in or out as they wish.

Services: I will review your dissertation before the workshop and give you individual feedback, and then on the day of the workshop I will be available to speak with you, guide and provide feedback on your writing, research questions, methodology, conceptualization, stats, etc. I will also give you 1/2 hr of individual coaching, if you would like. I am a PhD-level Adjunct Professor with over 9 years experience guiding doctoral students

Cost: $200. The workshop will be offered monthly, if you are not able to do the workshop this month.


Statistical analyses

  • Correlation, chi square, t-test, multiple regression, logistic regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, repeated measures ANCOVA, Structural Equation Modeling, factor analysis, cluster analyses, scale construction, and growth curve analysis
  • Survey creation and validation
  • Editing for grammar and syntax
  • Content editing
  • Dissertation coaching support to help overcome anxiety and set targets/timelines
  • Research design and research question formulation
  • Preparation for final defense


  • In-person or distance-led one- or two-day workshops to accomplish dissertation benchmarks
  • Individually tailored full-day, intensive, distance guidance sessions with coaching, feedback, and editing provided on an immediate basis.



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