Many organizations do not employ full-time statisticians, M&E or research staff but need evidence-based approaches to assess/evaluate, validate, modify, or implement their programs. SSRC can provide the guidance and support needed to implement your projects or research ideas, analyze and interpret the results, and disseminate the findings.

Social Science and Research Consultants provides services to US-based organizations, international development agencies, and universities in a broad range of areas including monitoring and evaluation, research design and implementation, questionnaire/instrument design and psychometrics, statistical analysis, writing/editing, grant writing, and project management.

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SSRC provides a range of services. Drs. Jennings and Samuels, along with our affiliate collaborators, have extensive experience providing technical guidance and expertise in the following areas.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Database Systems
  • Qualitative
  • Intervention Development/Management
  • Academic Research/Writing
  • Writing

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Development of M&E Systems
  • Instrument development and verification
  • Design and implementation of baseline, midterm & final evaluations

Statistical Analyses

  • Cross sectional and outcome analyses
  • Development of data management and assessment systems
  • Survey development
  • Psychometric testing
  • Manuscript preparation

Database Systems

  • Automated referencing systems (Mendeley & MS Word)
  • Survey Monkey
  • NVivo set-up


  • Qualitative, urban analysis
  • Ethnography, oral histories
  • Focus groups

Grant Writing

  • Range of topics in health, prevention

Intervention Development/ Management

  • Development of training manuals, intervention curricula, toolkits
  • Content development for health and wellness websites

Academic Research/Writing

  • Technical writing
  • Project report writing and editing
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